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Introducing Beauty of the Fae: Botanical Beauty Rituals from Legend and Lore

Have you ever wondered what a Selkie puts in her bath? Or what a tree nymph uses to soothe her dry, bark-like skin? Maybe you’ve wondered how the Lady of the Lake keeps her skin glistening.

Beauty of the Fae: Botanical Beauty Rituals from Legend and Lore brings to you the self-care remedies of your favorite characters of myth and folklore. Part cookbook, part field guide, this collection will take you on a journey through forests and seashores, meadows and marshes, to discover a collection of botanical beauty treatments that will soothe and enchant the senses.

Whether you live in the country and can pluck ingredients from your garden, or are a city-dweller looking to bring nature’s healing into your home, each recipe will allow you to make your own delightful body care concoctions without having to shell out top-dollar for over-the-counter, chemical-laden products that can be taxing on your health and the environment. Each recipe in Beauty of the Fae is formulated with organic, raw, botanical ingredients and is free of synthetics, irritants, parabens, and poisons.

Explore herbal body care at it’s finest, formulated by an esthetician, imbued with imagination, and offering a rare glimpse into the lives of legendary characters who have enchanted us for as long as stories have been told.

I have had so much fun creating these recipes and am excited to share them with you! I hope you enjoy!

xo Hannah


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