How to Cleanse Your Skin

Often when our skin is looking dull despite an elaborate skincare routine with good products, the culprit can be your cleanser. Imagine spending money on expensive serums only to have their benefits blocked by a face full of lingering makeup or sunscreen. Cleansing is arguably the most important step of any skincare regimen, because of its ability to remove surface debris and gently exfoliate the epidermis in the process.

Whether it's a gel, cream, or balm, a good cleanser is like a facial in a bottle. It leaves your skin fresh for the day or night to come. It can also boost the efficacy of the products you apply after. Newly cleansed and damp skin will absorb ingredients deeper than dry skin because there will be fewer dead skin cells acting as a barrier. Serums, acids, moisturizers should only be applied after a proper cleanse. This will ensure you're getting your money's worth out of them,

I've gathered my top pointers for getting the most out of your cleansing routine.

Take your time

I know many of us would love to skip cleansing all together, but don't do it! Instead, think of cleansing as your first and last self care check in for the day. I like to set a towel down to catch droplets, then apply a small amount of cleanser in my palms. Most cream cleansers can be applied directly to dry skin with dry hands, massaging into skin to allow the lipids to pick up any oils from your skin. Dampen hands with water as needed to emulsify the cleanser. Take your time to reach all the corners of your face, including into the hairline, which is an often overlooked spot for congestion to appear.

Don't ditch your décolleté

It might not have occurred to your, but your neck and chest should be getting some attention from that fancy cleanser you're using. These areas are subjected to sun, sweat, detergents, and can get congested same as your face. Extend your cleanse down to your chest every time. Your décolleté will appear brighter and less congested, I promise.

Don't skimp on your AM cleanse

Yes, you should be cleansing twice a day. Imagine that all of the products you apply at night - your retinols, serums, moisturizers, still sitting on your skin come morning. Using a gentle cleanser in the AM can cut the oils still lingering on your face from your night care products, and it will also fortify your skin with moisture for the day to come if you use a cream or milk cleanser.

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