Shea Butter: My Desert Island Ingredient

There is a reason shea butter has been my steadfast skin savior and winner of my favorite ingredient of the decade.

Sure, shea is ubiquitous, and for good reason. It turns up in moisture masks, drugstore body lotions, lip balms. It's because this stuff is all-healing, loaded with vitamins, and crazy-emollient.

Harvested throughout Africa, thriving in the dry, arid climate, shea butter collected and processed mainly by women collective, whose communities are strengthened by the trade of this wonder crop.

As a ceramide-precurser, Shea has the ability to provide building blocks to compromised moisture barrier function, healing cracked skin and calming inflammation associated with dermatitis or eczema. It is likely my most recommended ingredient in my skincare practice, as it also conditions and builds collagen without clogging pores.

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