Selkie's Seaweed Bath

A Selkie’s knows that when she slips out of her sealskin and walks on land she’s bound to encounter the harsh sea winds that dry her skin, and the aches that plague a mortal woman. But when she dives back into the sea and resumes her life as a seal, the salt water and sea botanicals soften her skin and alleviate soreness. She must take care though, while walking on land, that a mortal man doesn’t take her seal skin and hide it from her, for then she must stay with him until the day that she manages to steal it back and return to her underwater country, where her heart really belongs.


Such is the life of a selkie, a beautiful sea creature of Celtic legend hailing from the Orkney Islands off the Northern coast of Scotland.


She recommends heaping armfuls of fresh seaweed into your tub, but for those who are landlocked or city-dwelling, you can opt for organic seaweed that has been dried and can be purchased from various companies that harvest sustainably, which I will include in the appendix.  


Thalassotherapy is the practice of using seawater to heal the body and skin. For centuries seawater has been used for wellness and healing. Seaweed itself contains many beneficial minerals that can soothe skin and aid in restoring a tired body.


You will need:


1 lb whole leaf or coarsely chopped bladderwrack seaweed


  1. Place seaweed in a muslin cloth bag, cheesecloth bag, or large tea bag.

  2. Run a bath with hot water. As the water is running, add the seaweed bag to the bath and let the water fill completely. The water should turn a slight color and feel slick.

  3. Slip out of your seal skin and hide it somewhere safe. Soak in the nourishing, mineral-rich bathwater.