Baba Yaga's Berry Mask

You may wonder why one would take beauty advice from a wizened hag who lives in the deep woods in a house built on chicken’s legs, and rides a mortar and pestle through the woods. It may terrify you to cross her path, for she is as unruly as nature itself. Baba Yaga is strong and self-sufficient. She doesn’t rely on anyone for survival, and certainly doesn’t need expensive creams in her cupboard, and neither do you, my dear. Use your own mortar and pestle to mix this antioxidant-rich berry mask that will give you the youthful glow of Vasilisa the Beautiful, a young maid and formidable opponent to the notorious witch. Just don’t get lost in the woods foraging for these berries, you may come across you-know-who.


You will need:


4-5 blueberries

1 strawberry

1 tsp honey


Mortar and pestle (or a small bowl and spoon)




  1. Place blueberries and strawberries in a mortar & pestle. Use pestle to crush and blend berries until a jam like consistency is reached.

  2. Using a small spoon, drizzle in honey and continue blending with pestle or spoon.

  3. With a small brush or fingertips, apply mixture to face evenly. Tie a handkerchief around neck to catch any drips. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.

  4. Remove with a damp cloth, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.