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Receive 1-on-1 coaching towards your best skin ever. We will review your current products, identify improvements, and cultivate rituals that are singular to your skin's needs. Each 30 minute consult includes a deep analysis of your skin history, product, supplement and lifestyle recommendations, and a follow up email of detailed instructions. In subsequent consults, we will continue to perfect and maintain your results.  


Beauty of the Fae

Botanical Beauty Remedies from the Folk of Legend and Lore


A curated collection of beauty rituals inspired by characters of Myth and Folklore. These easy DIY recipes will show you just how to have skin as soft as a Selkie and a complexion as clear as the Queen of the Faeries. Featuring illustrations by Serena Malyon

Lokoya Skin brings this knowledge to you. Named for the region in the Mayacamas mountains in which she grew up and where she began her potion-making, the word Lokoya means elk or deer in the native language of the Wintun people who inhabited this area. This lush and wild landscape fed her imagination and cultivated in her a love of beauty and mythology.


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Hannah Kelley

Raised among the redwoods of Mount Veeder in Napa, California, esthetician Hannah Kelley began a lifelong affair with all things green and growing. Her first handmade beauty products (at age 8) were meyer lemon water perfumes poured into her mother’s antique bottle collections. 

As she grew, her love of skin care blossomed and she studied esthetics in San Francisco, receiving her esthetics license in 2012. In the midst of growing her skills in spas around the bay area, she developed a knowledge of DIY beauty recipes and spa rituals that were uniquely her own. As a clean beauty expert, she has been featured in Glamour, Well+Good, and MindBodyGreen.